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Back, temporarily.

Mahgerd, guys.

How long has it been ?

Anyway, I hope you guys are well.

I’ve just been super caught up with school lately so tumblr and the internet has basically been pushed aside.

So i’ve gotten msgs about me not writing my story anymore.

I’m sorry to say this but, I wont be continuing my B.A.P fanfic. I read it myself and I was like, ” Omg I wrote this ?! Good lord. “. LOL.

BUT, I will be writing another fic and hopefully this turn out better.

I love you all, and update me about Infinite & B.A.P ?

I’m like so out of date lately.

Thank you, toodles~! x


INFINITE is headed back to Korea as we speak and will continue their OGS concert in Europe after that.

-Kristy xx

Hello !

Hello followers. 

I am back , for the moment.

I came back because I have some really exciting news to share with you !

My cousins have recently been to Korea and bought me a couple of posters straight from there.

It even said ” Copyright Starent Co. Made in Korea. “

I’m not sure if I’m wanting to sell them right now but yeah.

Its *just* to let you know !

I’ll keep you guys posted , adios~ <

-Kristy xx